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Visionary Artist Draca Wilford
Draca Wilford Art - Visionary Artist

Born: 1997

Country: England

Visionary Artist

I am a surreal and visionary artist based in Kent, creating dark and dystopian paintings. I am part of the Dark Art Movement, an art Gallery specialising in dark and macabre artists from around the world. I aim to become one of the prominent leaders of this genre in the UK. I am actively involved within the Metal music industry working with highly respected bands, designing their artwork for promotional material and album art. I base my work from visions that come to me when I close my eyes. These visions are often very vivid and detailed and I use these images to create surreal paintings with oils and acrylics upon canvas. I make use of practices such as automatic drawing, writing and painting to gain inspiration for my work. 

About Draca

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