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The Birthing Tower

An exploration of Genetic Makeup and Human resistance through Testing

The Birthing Tower is a concept created by Draca Wilford in which human genetics and DNA modification is explored. The Birthing Tower bases it ideology around artificial insemination into ready made wombs and poses the idea of creating life without the need of human interaction.

I am currently exploring ideas of modifying genetic makeup (e.g. designer babies) and the choice of selecting certain genes. 

The incubators in the Tower act as stable life units where a human can be preserved and living but fed essentials such as food and water. 

The Birthing Tower

Draca Wilford Sketches

Preliminary Sketches, Ideas and drawings featuring based around The Birthing Tower

Draca Wilford Paintings

A Selection of Paintings based upon The Birthing Tower

Work in Progress:

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